A familiar face

My next destination was Riga, apparantly known for its cats. Once again, quick and without problems I got there, seated in the back of an old, simple car. I could hear the engine rumbling from the back, it is a miracle it had made it so far. The couple agreed, as the man crossed his fingers, hoping, pleading. Hearing their accent, I immediately knew where they were from, nonetheless I asked. A French couple on their way, with a stop in Greece, to some friends in Riga. From their on, the rusty car would be sold in exchange for a ticket on the Trans-Siberian express. Looking around, I was not sure what was litter and what was supposed to be their luggage. The man had an energetic look with a wild beard growing from his chin, whilst the lady seemed more to herself. She didn’t speak much, as she stared relentless out of the window. After a short time, they had driven me to the capital city. Later I heard, the plan of selling the car was not that easy. With some struggle at first, I eventually managed to find a secure, small, green world behind the capital clinic to put up my tent. What else does one need?

– – –

Dark, grim clouds had brought rain upon us all for two whole straight days. Once I found out it wasn’t stopping, I decided that only a fool would let a little water ruin their day. So I put on my boots and left my now turned swamp and headed to the centre, a few kilometres away. People with numbers on their chest and back were running down the street whilst being cheered on by the rain-poncho wearing viewers. Music was too loud and picked by someone without taste, yet everyone seemed to have a great time. The bars and restaurants were enjoying the weather as well, with people pouring in from everywhere. As I return from the bridge overviewing the Daugava river, I suddenly see a familiar face! If it isn’t the Swiss biker I met in Kaunas. 😀 Excited to see an old face again during these long travels, we set a rendezvous for the evening. In the meanwhile, I retreated to my Ogre’s swamp.




– – –

Luca turned out to be a great lad, eager to explain his way of travelling and curiously asking me about mine. I got to learn a lot from his prepared method and he was able to learn from a guy with almost no budget. Intrigued to how little one can spend, he told me he would try my style for a month. A question I had, to the cycling expert; Does your ass ever get used to the endless biking? The answer was short: “No..“. The following day, whereon I got to sneak in a shower at his hostel, the two of us made our way to the massive market place. It really was gigantic, outside heaps of stands and then 4 hangars, used to build zeppelins, were filled with more. Before trying our delicious, weird and interesting tasting fish platter, I made a collosal mistake. I mentioned Dutch cheese in comparison with the quality my sister has (in Canada). Never talk about cheese to someone from the Switzerland! I did not hear the end of it. After dinner at the Lido – great place! – we both went our seperate ways again. We shook hands, wished each other good luck and jokingly said “See you in Talinn!”. We did not.


– – –

From Riga, after hours of walking and unsuccesfully trying to get a ride, I had begun making my way to the border of Estonia. At StatOil, which has now become my favourite gas station, a pick up driver turned to me. “Fuck yeah, jump on in!”, he told me. He pulled out an English accent with his ‘bollocks’ and dropped the F-bomb numerous times. It seemed the man enjoyed speaking English. Having heard my story, he was convinced that I was on drugs, as it did not sound real. Driving over the messed up roads, the truck almost dropped the 50k worthy cargo. The man turns to me with a big grin, before pulling over to tighten the ropes. There we also waited for a Suzuki seller, to see if the motorbike would have a new owner. That evening I slept in a field of yellow, after another beautiful sunset – yeah yeah, I will stop posting sunset pictures 😛. Next destination? I don’t know. I have no plan, I have a compass, but no plan.



My Friend Luca’s blog, in French and German:


The stalking Map


4 thoughts on “A familiar face

  1. Deze had ik nog helemaal niet gelezen!! 😱 Super gaaf! Als er ooit een boek uitkomt ben ik de eerste die hem koopt! Die Luca, dat is toch die reiziger die ook bij je in Leeuwarden is geweest? Hahaha die vraag en antwoord van Luca. Prachtige foto’s!!

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