Ending the chapter of Lithuania with the sound of Metal!

In my few weeks of Vilnius exploration, I had gotten to know the capital quite well. Being able to roam a day without getting lost, having shot pictures left and right, befriending a homeless singer and overstaying my welcome. At least, that is how I felt. Thus time had arrived to continue my journey onwards. … More Ending the chapter of Lithuania with the sound of Metal!

A grim day

A cool breeze was on my face and a soft, warm sunbeam graced my skin. I was heading towards town, as always near an hour walk. Twas almost noon and the sky gave no sign of feeding the plants today. Don’t go on a rainy day, Reinhardt had told me before I had departed. Lauris was … More A grim day

The tale of Klaipeda

“Here it is”, he began, “the drama theatre school!” I looked up at the building. My eyes began atop, slowly gliding down. A simple building, built with modern techniques. Nothing that stood out. I would soon learn, that the inside is where the architectural work caught the fascination. I glanced back at him,where he stood … More The tale of Klaipeda