Marvellous Malaysia

Enough equal experiences everyday elicited eager to erratic events. The honking and heavy traffic had held me hostage. When a city not even considerable had been too much, I knew it was time. A break within a break, a journey during a journey. Journception. Without much of a plan and zero intention of taking public transport … More Marvellous Malaysia

Sweating in Kiev

His hair seemed as if it had survived a tornado on his way to me. Dark hair flopping and flying around. I’d be surprised would I find a comb in his bathroom. Brown eyes twitched in his skull, full of energy. His hand shoots to mine. A quick introduction and we walk back to his … More Sweating in Kiev

A grim day

A cool breeze was on my face and a soft, warm sunbeam graced my skin. I was heading towards town, as always near an hour walk. Twas almost noon and the sky gave no sign of feeding the plants today. Don’t go on a rainy day, Reinhardt had told me before I had departed. Lauris was … More A grim day