Marvellous Malaysia

Enough equal experiences everyday elicited eager to erratic events. The honking and heavy traffic had held me hostage. When a city not even considerable had been too much, I knew it was time. A break within a break, a journey during a journey. Journception. Without much of a plan and zero intention of taking public transport … More Marvellous Malaysia

A Ukrainian Border

On a bright, sunny day I stood along the road that would take me into the country known to be at war. A country many people around it feared. Chaos, complete and utter chaos. A week from now, two girls in Kiev would burst out in laughing hearing about the false fears of these people. “Oehhh Watch … More A Ukrainian Border

A stormy night on Slovakia’s High Tatras Part 1

A fast ride with a stony teen brought me into the village Martin. Almost hidden and secluded it lays, surrounded by tall mountains reaching high for the skies. Their pointed tips way above man and building, protected I felt. Secured, in this strange place, a place not hostile nor friendly, filled with odd glances and smiles. However gazing … More A stormy night on Slovakia’s High Tatras Part 1